Consultation: What Happens?

homoeopathy12A visit to your local homoeopath can be similar in many ways to your GP. A full case history will be taken, with laboratory tests requested if needed to assist in a diagnosis. The first visit can take more then an hour with extreme focus on questions related to diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental toxin exposure. Your practitioner is looking for a causation to your problem, i.e. never been well since getting flu or depressed since the death of a close relative etc.

Depending on the severity of your condition or the duration of time suffering with the problem you may be put on a 3-6 month protocol where you will be closely monitored as we assist to lead your body back to vitality and health.

After the first consultation, the doctor will be able to prescribe the appropriate homoeopathic medication best suited for your condition and will design a healthcare programme to lead you back to health. This may include different therapies including ozone, bio puncture, dietary changes or oral chelation to bring you back to health.

At Dynamic Wellness Centre, Dr de Pontes makes use of the above modalities and uses iris diagnosis and Estek diagnostics for monitoring and assisted diagnostics of your condition.

Should you be interested in natural Aesthetic treatments with non- surgical intervention, specific Aesthetic consultations are available where we will determine your best path back to a healthy aesthetic and youthful body.


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