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homoeopathy11Putting it all together at Dynamic Wellness Clinic

Homoeopathy is not practiced as a sole modality at our wellness centre but instead we look to integrate several natural therapies that would best suit the patients to ensure that they recover at the fastest rate possible. We integrate disease screening modalities which help determine where the primary cause of the disease is centered and from here once the causation of the problem is located we determine the way forward which can include:

  • Specialized Chiropractic treatments to balance the stimulate the nervous system
  • Prescription of homoeopathic and herbal treatments to aid in detoxification and stimulation of the body organ systems
  • Recommendation of possible lifestyle modifications to speed up the process (i.e. change in diet, balanced exercise and stress release programs)
  • Ozone therapy sessions to speed up metabolism, kill pathogens, eliminate hormone and enzyme imbalances, stimulate energy metabolism.
  • Referral to a General practitioner or specialist may also be needed, as well as working in conjunction with the medical fraternity depending on each individual case.

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