The Concept

Natural-Aesthetics3Dynamic Wellness and Natural Aesthetics Centre strives to ensure your peak health, wellness and Aesthetics needs……… naturally.

Natural medicine is definitely growing in popularity over the last while, especially with the public becoming more aware of the dangers and risks to pharmaceutical medicines and procedures. Unfortunately there has been a belief that natural medicine is not as powerful or effective enough to make a difference; that is up until now. Dynamic wellness and Natural Aesthetics has been able to combine the power of natural medicine with the technology of the 21st century to bring patients protocols which are effective in returning them to true health and vitality as well as making them feel and look younger quickly, with no surgical intervention.

How is this all achieved?

Combining expertise in several natural disciplines the highly qualified practitioners are able to read the body’s condition non-invasively and determine which organs and body systems are weak, resulting in sub-optimal function and disease. Many times this can lead to advanced aging with symptoms such as oxidation, skin sagging, cellulite, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and premature balding.

With the right natural prescription and the use of technology in the form of Canada’s patented needle free injector we are able to perform more effective mesotherapy treatments ensuring that the patient has more effective results more quickly.

We do non-surgical aesthetic procedures,which are enhanced with age old naturopathic and homoeopathic treatments as well as technologically advanced diagnostic devices.

Staying healthy and young in today’s modern lifestyle is difficult…ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU NEED TO LOOK TO YOUR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL/SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING.


One has to find time to exercise, cook healthy meals, get enough sleep- AND THESE ARE JUST THE PHYSICAL ASPECTS. WHEN DO WE FIND TIME FOR OUR EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL BODIES??

People find themselves always in survival mode! What does that mean? Always stressed, can’t relax, worrying, putting on weight, maybe you are unfulfilled emotionally?

Your body does not have the resources to move on effectively, leading to chronic disease symptoms including depression, hormone imbalances, weight gain, anxiety and depression, fatigue, insomnia. This does not even touch the tip of the iceberg from the angle of aesthetics and anti-aging.

On examination of your body we would find things such as:

  1. Overburdened and toxic body organs- liver and probably colon and lymph - which surely affects the quality of your skin and potential to cellulite deposits,
  2. Oxidation damage which means insufficient anti-oxidants, acidity, incorrect pH levels.
  3. Perverted endocrine function manifesting as: diabetes or at least insulin sensitivity, oestrogen dominance manifesting as dry skin, acne / eczema, abnormal pigmentation and thinning if not balding of the hair,

Continuing at this rate your chronological age and biological age are not going to be running side by side - you are going to be looking and probably acting much older then you actually are.

From a true wellness perspective traditional procedures cover up the problems which result in physical changes but little or no emotional or mental release. It is important to look and feel good internally, which then determines what the outside will express. So, we work on helping you become more healthy and vital from inside, including your emotional wellbeing. This has a knock on effect with psychoneuroimmunology, which simply put means, that when your emotions are positive and healthy, it will have a stimulating effect on the immune system, which allows the body to age slower and more gracefully.

Any aesthetic procedures that are undertaken stand a better chance when the body is not under strain and operating in survival mode.When the body is able to use nutrition more effectively, the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine system thrive, and are balanced, therefore sleep comes easier and its effects are greater. Longevity is then increased.

Holistic Approach

Dynamic Wellness and Aesthetics, deals with the whole person is a natural way. We identify where the stresses are coming from and what is causing the patient to be ill. We have a team of trained professionals, including a Homoeopath, Psychologist and Life-coach which are able to make the patient feel secure in the process of developing the new YOU.

We balance the body organs and systems with homoeopathic and herbal professionally prescribed medicines and then encourage the body to increase its resources to enable it to heal the pathology.



Emotional blocks and past traumas are addressed by our psychologist and also supported on the physical level with homoeopathic and herbal prescriptions. Our Life-coach will help the patient set goals and then help them achieve them.

The life-coach will assist when:ozone-therapy6

  • You are not happy with your current life situation, but aren’t sure what to change (feeling stuck)you have trouble staying motivated
  • You have goals, but find it hard to keep on track, succumbing to procrastination
  • You have something important in your life that you keep thinking about, but never take any action
  • A life coach’s first and foremost goal is to help you achieve what you want to achieve.
  • You want to stop procrastinating and get working on that business idea you’ve had for months, or to achieve better balance between your work and family life, or even just to figure out what it is you want from life.

If the body is more vibrant and healthy any natural aesthetics work is more effective and longer lasting. Best of all, the patient does not just look better, but feels better aswell. This momentum builds over the prescribed period of time that the patient is under our care. At our initial consultation we work with the patient to plot a timeline of expectations and changes that is realistically possible to be achieved over this time period, it serves as a road map for the patient to help them determine their progress.


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