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Dynamic Wellness & Natural Aesthetics Centre
  • A refreshing natural way at looking at your health care. Ensuring that you get professional natural treatment from trained professionals in the homoeopathic and natural health field.
  • Building lasting meaningful relationships with our patients
  • Diagnosis and treatment using clinical medical diagnostic skills and more complementary approaches including iridology, and Estek complex diagnostics.
  • Natural Aesthetic non-surgical anti-aging treatments, including Needless Mesotherapy

Dr Anthony de Pontes is a registered homoeopath registered with the Allied Health Services Professions Council.

He has 19 years of experience in the natural health field and looks to assist all his patients to achieve vibrant health through the use of homoeopathic treatment, ozone therapy, herbal prescriptions and lifestyle changes to overcome the stresses of our modern age. Education in nutritional counselling and balance of lifestyle (exercise, rest, work) is very important as well as detoxification and drainage modalities which generally help the patient to start feeling better almost immediately.

Dr Anthony’s comment in setting up this web page was:

quote1The long and the short of it is, I have a passion for dealing with my patients! Seeing them grow and move from strength to strength in their health, as well as overcoming daily trials gives me wonderful satisfaction. quote2I strive to make all my patients feel special. They will never feel like a number or that they are being rushed to make space for the next patient.

My goal is to treat and manage patient illness to the point that their overall health improves, but that they are also able to take responsibility for their own health and make changes to their lifestyles that positively affect their well-being.


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